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Skin Prone to Eczema & Dermatitis



Here I am after only two days. In fact it was cleared after 3 applications on same day as I received item.
I just wanted to see how it would be the next day. I'm delighted... Thank you.

Lorraine Ledwith Harkin

Absolutely a life saver wish I had bought years ago ,I have had eczema on my eyelids for a year within a week its totally gone ,I cant recommend enough, I have been telling everyone who has similar problems and they are ordering for themselves ,fantastic will be ordering more and excellent delivery received within 2 days. thank you so much.

Nothing else I've tried works as well to heal and soothe my adult eczema - I love this product and use it every day. I use it as a night moisturiser even when I don't have a flare-up. Use sparingly though, a little goes a long way.

Claire Fox

Thank you so much for your amazing product. I have been prescribed drugs by a skin specialist at my local hospital for the last year. My face,ears,neck,arms and chest have been covered with red, dry,itchy, wrinkled skin for the last two years and this has affected my confidence to the point of not wanting to even go out at times. After receiving the balm on Friday I saw and felt an almost immediate benefit and three days on the results are clearly visible and I can now sleep through the night without waking repeatedly with burning itchy skin. I cannot thank you enough - I feel like I have finally started to get my life back again.

Sally Thacker

I just want to say how lovely the balm is for my skin. Having contracted acute eczema around April, (think it was down to ant killer I was using in the garden), on my face and neck, it seem to hang around forever. I decided to look for something more natural than soft white paraffin/liquid paraffin in products recommended by the dermatologist and there was Bria. I have ordered the cream today and will probably use both the balm and cream together. (I will keep them in the fridge and put some in a pot for everyday use and hope they will keep a little longer). The paraffin based stuff has helped me get through the worst of the eczema but now my skin is loving your products. 
I will most certainly recommend Bria to friends. Thank you.

Mirri McCarthy


I purchased a pot of your balm about 3-4 weeks ago. Before using it, every other natural cream would sting my face, make it redder and dry it out. Your cream has been the first natural cream that my face has not only tolerated but also improved from. The eczema on my face has died down, the redness has faded and my confidence has streamed all because of your miracle cream! 
I can not thank you enough! Bless! Many thanks,

Amanda Kemp

I've been suffering from a nasty infection to the skin around my eyes and also on my neck. The doctor suspected the neck rash was stress related, made worse by how conscious is was about my eyes. After a 5 month course of antibiotics, the eye infection had cleared up but left me with extremely dry skin around my eyes which had scarred - imagine panda eyes but red instead of black. After two days of applying the redness had almost gone and two weeks later you would not know I'd had a problem. The skin on my neck has improved no end. I've since ordered some for my daughter who suffers from psoriasis and although it's early days, her skin is starting to improve. Would definitely recommend.

Sam Ruddock

I've waited 4 weeks of using this balm on my face to make sure it really worked before reviewing. I can honestly say within a very short time (1-2 days), I could see and feel a huge difference. I suffer from eczema and have hyper sensitive skin. I usually stay away from using anything new (having used only diprobase for over 10 years) but after a bad flare up and face so dry, to the point of the slin flaking off constantly, decided I'd try this. So glad I did! My skin has never felt better and not had one bad day since I started using it. 5*'s and more! :-)

Gemma Charlton

Anyone who suffers from eczema needs to buy Bria Organics. I bought the balm on Friday when my face was massively raised, lumpy, sore and weeping. After the first application the 'burning sensation' stopped. Today my eczema is completely gone. 
I've nicknamed my Bria balm 'Jesus in a tub'. I highly recommend this product to anybody.

Alex Prestwell

I just wanted to let you know I bought your Eczema balm back in November. I was fed up & concerned about using my steroid creams & Nivea nothing really working. I wanted to try something natural & soothing so after reading the reviews on your website, I decided to buy your balm. I haven't look back since then. I now use the balm every day & night as my face cream. It feels so much more better than all these other creams. So now I need to purchase some more today! So thank you Bria for saving my skin.


Three weeks of using Bria Organics on my little ones faces. The results have amazed me. It was very red, dry and sore and when he scratches he'd open it up and it would bleed. This has worked wonders.

Viv Wood

So good to find Bria Eczema Balm, I got to the point of being really fed up with steroid creams & 
wanted to find something natural & gentle on my face. After reading the reviews on Bria website I decided to give a try. 
Now I use it every day as a face cream and haven’t look back. Thank you Bria!

Suzanne Colley

Just to say a massive thank you for your wonderful products. Within 24 hours, my 15 year old daughter's lips and just beneath her lower lip has cleared up. And your gardener’s cream is fab too. I will be telling all my friends and family about your fab creams.

I purchased the 60ml relief repair replenish balm and have been really pleased with the results. My son's eczema over his eyelids and earlobes has calmed greatly in a matter of days. The cream prescribed by the doctor seemed to sting my son and make the eczema worse. My son is happy to apply the Bria balm and we call it the magic cream! I've already been recommending it. Many thanks.


I just would like to say a big thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have been using the balm on my son's eyelids for 1 week now and his eczema has significantly improved, almost disappeared. I also used on the other eczema patches on his neck, arms, legs and chest and I can see it is gradually improving it and keeping it under control. I have recommended the balm for a couple of friends that suffer with eczema and they were very excited to know that there is a product out there that can help, as they have tried many different creams in the past. You have got another happy loyal customer. Thank you!

Aline Oakley

Bria Organics is the only cream anyone needs for sore or chapped skin. It has eradicated my son’s eczema and when applied to my daughter's face for inexplicable chapping and sore redness it simply vanished. This should be handed out by the doctors, not useless steroid creams.

Marina Colville


Just to say massive thanks for such an effective product in your balm which I have used on irritated eyelids. I thought it was excema (now think is an allergic reaction to a Clinique eye product) and nothing worked for a month until I used this balm. Within 48 hours the itching subsided and 10 days later it has completely cleared up. I am so impressed and so very grateful 

Mrs Chris Churchley


I just had to say thank you for your amazing product. My daughters eczema had flared up badly on her arms and nothing was working, except a steroid, very briefly which then resulted in an even worse resurgence. As a teenager she was very aware of how it appeared and was distressed that nothing was helping. I discovered you by chance after yet another trawl through the Internet looking for help, I am so glad that I decided to order from you, the balm has been fantastic and I now fully appreciate the testimonials from other customers raving about your products! Wish I had discovered you years ago. I cannot say enough about the difference it has made to my daughter and in turn, to me. Also, I have to mention that I prefer to order via telephone ( I like to talk to another human!) and the service I received has been wonderful. So thank you again for everything, long may you continue to create your miracles! I am enclosing some before and after photos of my daughters arms please feel free to use them, there was  less than a week between photos! Incredible!

Charlene Moody

Our 4yr old grandson has various allergies and eczema. Grass is a big problem, it causes large, itchy red areas on his legs and arms. Being a little boy who loves the outdoors, it can be very frustrating. My husband found the Bria website and decided to send some to our daughter to try. After the first applicationshe noticed a significant difference and by the following morning the red patches were hardly noticeable. She uses Bria every day now and our grandson doesn't sit and scratch as he used to. Great product and a little goes a long way. Thank you Bria.

LP Cairley

This product has been a life saver. My 6 year old son has been suffering from head-to-toe, angry eczema for the better part of a year. The only areas not covered in eczema are his face, hands and feet. We've tried prescription steroid creams (which only made things worse every time we tried them), non-prescription creams both purchased over the counter and via the internet, removed gluten, dairy, and GMOs from his diet, saw multiple dermatologists, allergists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, etc, etc, all in an attempt to get to the bottom of it and provide this poor kid some relief from his daily struggles of literally enjoying his life again and not waking up to blood soaked bed sheets every night. My wife and I were awake and on guard all night and all day, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week just trying to protect this brave and tough little boy from temporary bouts of weakness where he would literally attack his skin that was attacking him from the inside out. Our family was in a very bad place. We literally spent thousands of dollars over the last 6 months between doctors, natural remedies, creams and anything else we could do or find. I noticed that Bria Organics was one of the only products around that claimed to help with the symptoms of eczema that actually HAD before and after photos on their website and social media feeds, so I ordered a few jars to ship to the United States (amazingly fast shipping may I add considering it is being shipped international). I applied it to him for the first time with very little optimism as so many creams before it failed to bring him any relief. When he woke up the next morning, to my amazement, the majority of his eczema patches already had lightened in color and did not look as "angry." We continued applying it multiple times per day over the next week and the improvement was dramatic! As his skin improved his mood improved. As his skin improved his sleep improved. We've been using these products for over a month now and after nearly one full year of consistently worsening symptoms, my son is finally finding some relief. While we are by no means "out of the woods yet," we are in a significantly better place than we were and we owe it all to Bria Organics. I literally could not thank you enough. Thank you!

Jude O'Connor

Just got this yesterday and already I feel like it's changing everything, it calms my skin (which reacts to pretty much every moisturizer I've ever used) and reduces the itch greatly. It's so good I've ordered more of the balm straight away.

Paul Hendy

Hi, i bought some of the eczema cream a few weeks back,and am really pleased.for about 3 years i have had bad ear eczema,and have tried endless creams from the hospital,doctors,chemists and nothing worked except cortisone cream, which i was told not to use too often. I was at my wits end till i found your cream.Thank you so much. it hasnt cured it but its 80% better and I am not using the cortisone cream now, I can manage with Bria. The only time its bothering me now is in the night when i lie on my ears and they get warm and dry out, any further suggestions for that would be most welcome. So thank you again its helped me to get my life back on track, one only knows how frustrating and depressing eczema can be if you suffer from it.

Jean Broomhead

I have been really impressed with the Bria balm! I've been using it on my son's eczema which had got really bad, especially behind his knees. I've only been putting it on two days and it has improved tremendously already. Happy mum.

Rachel Southall



Just wanted to let you know that we received my order today! And the balm is fabulous!!! 
I can already see that it is helping with my little one's eczema on and around her eyelids. 
And the smell is wonderful! So thank you thank you for creating such an amazing balm! You now have a loyal customer!!!

Kalen Hoag

...My sisters little boy is 5 ½ months and has really bad eczema/dry skin and she had tried everything. I told her about this and she gave it a go and it had an effect within days. Clears the skin perfectly and he doesn't scratch his skin like he used to.

Clare Simpson

Dear Bria Team, Just wanted to Thank you for making this product. I have used this for my 2 year old girl who had eczema. We have only used it for three days and the itchiness has stopped and her skin has started to improve. Thanks again!

N De Silva


I received the cream and bath oil and my son has been using them for only a couple of days now and 
already there is a huge improvement in his skin. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Andrea Glenn

Hi, I can confirm that we've received the product on Monday morning and it is already 
helping my daughter who has eczema.  Thank you very much!!

John Donovan

Used your product on Tuesday & even the next day my 10 month old's eczema was so much better that she even slept better. She became her usual chatty & happy self again. By Friday (3 days later) her eczema is almost completely gone. Can't wait to see more improvement as I'm sure there will be. After months of heartache, doctors' visits, steroid treatments, a number of different lotions...there is so much relief! I can't thank you enough. I will spread the word about the magical properties of your products!!!

Gayle Davies

Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for coming up with such an amazing product. My son has suffered from eczema since he was 3 months old and it was gradually getting worse as he got older ( 11 months old now ) I have been back and forth to the doctors so many times I have lost count, with different creams everytime. In the end I gave up going doctors and searched on the Internet and came across Bria organic balm. It arrived on the Thursday and even after the first application his skin looked a lot better. By the Monday you could hardly see any signs of eczema, I am absolutely amazed, I even took before and after pictures and the difference is unbelievable. I would pay £100 a tub for it, if it meant my son wasn’t in pain anymore. Thank you again so much, I defiantly will be recommending.

Claire Wills


Hi, I was going to send you some feedback since I am absolutely delighted with my Bria products.  My 2 year old daughter suffers from eczema and I've really struggled to find natural products to deal with it.  I use only natural products on myself, so felt more than uncomfortable about applying the petro-chemical laden products prescribed by the GP.  I've searched high and low and tried various natural products with little success. I'm very glad I went on one more search and discovered your site.  The products have really had a significant impact on her skin.  I'm using the balm a couple of times a day on her flare up areas and the body oil all over after her bath.  Her flare ups have really reduced and she's not scratching herself nearly so much at night - the time where she does most damage.  And importantly, she likes the products too.  She's been complaining that one of the other products I'd tried was too nippy. So many thanks to you.  We feel like we're making progress at last and I'll be placing another order when I'm running low.  I'll also pass your details over to a friend whose son suffers badly from eczema.

Sarah Clarkson

Dylan my son tried every cream on the market and nothing worked, everything irritated his skin until we tried Bria Organic Balm.



Sandy, my daughter, has eczema since birth. She has been using this cream since Dec 08 and thinks its great!

Eilean McGinley

Wonderful Magic Cream-This is what I call your eczema cream and my daughter age 9! I have been using this cream for over 2 years and it has changed my daughter's life.  She has suffered from severe eczema from being a baby and was at one point being seen once a month by the Dermatology Department at Sheffield Children's Hospital.  She hasn't needed to use steroid creams since, so the cream has really changed our lives.  At the moment her skin is completely clear apart from a few sore patches around her mouth. 

On one of my visits I bought some cream for my friend to use for her son and daughter.  Again, she has found it to be life changing and her little girl who is age 3 calls it her magic cream.  She recommended it to a work colleague who had been given a 2 month supply of antibiotics and steroid cream for her skin, as she suffers from a skin complaint on her face.  She has been into work since and said she couldn't believe the difference in her skin within a couple of days use.  She has been to see a Dermatologist at Doncaster Royal Infirmary who is now recommending it to patients.  I have also been recommending it to other people, so from my first visit to the quayside 
your cream has transformed lives. Thank you so much. Kind Regards,

Caroline McAleavy


Bought this for my son to try – everything from the doctors did not help. Excellent, will keep buying.

J Pooley


My daughter found the cream excellent. Easy to use and also good for her hands when skin was broken!  Will continue to use it daily.

Linda Rowe

I got some balm off you for my niece who has eczema on her feet. She has tried lots of creams in the past, none of which have worked. Since using your Relief Repair Replenish balm her feet are a lot better, so my sister is going to order another jar from you. As for me, I used the cream over three days and in that short time it took the redness out of the two small patches of psoriasis I have. 
It has definitely helped and we are pleased with the results! Thanks again.

Gwen Ridley

It has taken 3 days only for my babies cradle cap and dry skin to start and get better, within a week it has cleared without a scar. The health visitors and doctors insisted on olive oil which only made her skin heavier and worse. They need to be able to advise to use your product! Thank you very much and i will be ordering the baby bath and shampoo products.

Sarah Mitchell

The products are really great. I love that they are natural and so moisturising. The oil and balm together work really well. My son’s Eczema has pretty much gone from his face which was the worst and his body stays well moisturised. I have recommended the products to my maternity nurse who is going to mention them to future clients and I also mentioned it to my Doctor as they are always looking for products to suggest to patients. Thanks again. Jo Tompkins, mum of 5 month old James.

Archie is only a two-year-old but has had eczema for around a year now. It has most definitely soothed it far more than any product he has been given by a doctor - so much so that when we ran out and reverted to a well-known brand, he started demanding his 'other cream'!! What's more, the fact that the ingredients are all natural makes us feel a lot more comfortable using it. 
We will definitely re-order from you. Thanks and good luck.

Dave Coxon

I used the balm on my 5 year old son who has eczema behind the knees and on his arms. After a few days (3 or 4) I noticed an improvement of the redness and flaking. The balm is lovely, I was a little surprised that the pot was so small but it does go a long way because it's so rich. I suffer from contact dermatitis on my hands and have actually noticed a difference in them after applying the balm to my son and have started to use it myself. So all round very pleased.

Caroline Bannon

I'm so pleased with the balm we received at the weekend, Oscars skin has improved so much . It has lost its redness and feels smooth like a babies skin should feel. We can't thank you enough and I will write a review on your website at the weekend. 
I will be ordering many more of your products. Many thanks.

Gill Morral

Thank you very much for the recommending your balm for my 4 month old nephew and posting it to me really quickly. On Thursday night my niece applied the balm to my nephew with and on Friday morning for the first time since he was 9 weeks old, my nephew had no red itchy skin and he had slept all through the night. I cannot thank you enough for this and 
I will definitely be spreading the word on how excellent this product is.



Thank you Thank you Thank you! We started using this on Tuesday night & even by the next morning there was a huge improvement, Grace’s skin isn't as red & angry & she’s definitely not scratching as much. I honestly can’t believe how good it is were getting the same result that we do when we use steroids cream will be back to buy some more before we run out of this pot. Thank you again.


This is a little pot of miracle balm! My baby boy has severe eczema, I tried every potion the doctors game me with little result, after just a few days of using this, he is so much better, 
the biggest difference is the red 'angriness' has gone and he is not scratching as much! Wonderful. THANK YOU!

Glyness Leanne

Really good cream, have been using it for a while to tackle eczema for me and my little ones. 
It's the only one that has really worked, out of everything I have tried.

Chris H

I just had to email to say thank you!! I had ordered your Relief Repair Replenish Balm for my 7 Month old daughter who has chronic eczema.  In recent Months her skin has deteriorated rapidly and she has had numerous courses of antibiotics, steroids, lotions and potions - all of which have failed to ease her pain and I believe may actually have made it worse!  The most recent flare up of her eczema resulted in her entire back, neck and stomach being covered in weeping, bleeding and raw sores left her in agony and unable to stop scratching, far less sleep!  After yet another visit to A&E, I was advised that her Eczema was on the verge of becoming "Toxic" and the next step was admission to hospital for "wet-wrapping" and Months of Antibiotics.  I was also advised that her chronic eczema is now likely to be life-long - a devastating thing to hear for your baby.  That night I trawled the Internet and after extensive online research I came across your site and ordered the balm straight away.  I must admit that I did so with trepidation, the reviews seemed too good to be true and the balm itself so simple in its ingredients!! I received my pot of Relief Repair Replenish Balm yesterday (Tuesday) and immediately stopped applying all other medications and ointments.  Within 24 hours the improvement was noticeable and today her skin is calm, less itchy and the bleeding sores have started to heal.  I could have cried when I saw her this morning, to know that the pain, heat and intolerable itching have gone and she has gained relief is worth more to me than anything else I could have asked for.  Thank you simply doesn't seem enough for what you have given my daughter and I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone who had a family member with eczema.  Your balm has changed my daughters eczema ravaged skin into healing, soft and protected skin; something I did not think possible.  I will, without a shadow of a doubt use your balm exclusively from now on. Once again thank you, a hundred times over!!! With Kindest regards,

Claire McDonell

I got the cream through the other day after doing the patch test as its for my 9 month old son I decided to go ahead and use it on his eczema! After not even a day it's nearly cleared up! Please note I have been prescribed endless steroid creams, antibiotics, and all sorts of other creams and bath stuff for him! None have worked! I have also used other natural creams and its got better after a few days then his eczema comes back with a vengeance weeping and bleeding! Let’s hope this is the one!

Linda Marie Widlund    

We have been using Bria for about 4 days now on our 18 month old son who developed eczema at 3 months and has been in body wraps and caked in hydromol every day since! We've had his body wraps off for 4 days and he hasn't ripped at his body at all. We can bath him without socks on his hands and he seems so happy. We know its early days but this is the miracle we've been looking for so long. Our son is happy and so are we. It's the best thing I've ever used for him.

Chris Peart


I'm using the oil in my son's bath as he has eczema. It's brilliant! Very glad we found you!

I ordered some cream for my great grandson who was in distress with really bad eczema. Everything the doctors prescribed just didn't work. It arrived with two days and within another two days all but the very worst patches were gone, the others healing nicely. This is an absolute miracle cream and we will be using it as long as needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Since my son was 1yr old he has suffered mildly from eczema. But in November last yr it became something quite different. It was like his whole body had been burned, he is only 7yrs old and watching him scratch away at his wee body all day & night was/is breaking my heart. I have desperately tried cutting things out of his diet, I make sure we don’t use anything with METHYLCHLOROSOTHIAZOLINONE, otherwise known as MI, an evil preservative found in so many different things including eczema creams, washing powder, wet wipes, the list is endless and 1000's of people are proving to be allergic to it. I have tried every eczema cream available but everything is making it worse, making him scream in agony saying his skin of fire. And although I have no idea what originally caused this flare up and we are going to the children’s hospital for advice I may, at last of found a solution. After all the dr's and trips to A & E a friend suggested I check out Bria Organics, and at last I have found something that my son can use. I am so so grateful to have found a way to moisturise my sons skin, although he is still itching constantly the difference is huge. I am still of the thinking that the hydrocortisone cream is the only thing that can help him in extreme areas I am ecstatic to of found something I can use on my son. I wish to thank Bria Organics and 
if there is any more advice on how to handle my sons skin condition I would be so very grateful. 

Miranda Congdon

My baby girl is 4 months old and she has been diagnose with eczema 2 month ago, sense then I try all the creams and bath additive from GP but no result. Her skin was red and she was very unsettled after applying the GPs prescription. So I started my own research and I discover Bria Organics. I bought the balm, bath oil and body oil. Since then my baby's skin looks much better. Make sure you do the allergy test before using the balm or oil. I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical in the beginning but after I see all the improvement on my baby's skin u was so pleased. It has been a few weeks sense I bought the products but I wanted to make sure they work before leave my feedback. I also would like to share another tip for those who suffer from eczema. Wheat bran- just like the one you found in supermarket- I've used every day for a week then pause for a couple of days then start again. The receipt is: buy wheat bran and a cotton bag that you can seal (if u can find a cotton bag you can use those cheap tights from Asda) put a big pot with water @ 5 litres bring water to a boiling point, put the wheat bran into the cotton bag and seal it, put everything inside the pot and let it boil for another hour, let it cool down for a few hours.When having a bath at night time wash the bath tub before adding water in it. Then add lukewarm water from the drain and put the wheat bran and the water that u had in the pot...don't worry if the water changes colour it supposed to be like that, squeeze the bag without open it into bath tub with water and have a bath DO NOT USE ANY SHAMPOO OR SHOWER GEL JUST THE WATER AS IT IS and while ur in the tube squeeze the bag onto the skin and rub. If u are an adult or a baby do not towel dry the skin after the bath just add Bria Organics body oil and rub it onto the skin and always use for night time cotton pjs. Hope I've helped pls let me know if u need any advice regarding wheat bran.

Irina Rotaru


Hi, I have been using the eczema balm on my 21 month old and for the first time since he was 3 weeks old, he is red patch free-after stopping using all of the creams, lotions an potions prescribed by the doctors and starting to use Bria, thank you. I was wondering if you could recommend something slightly lighter to moisturise his skin as it is very dry (but now not red and so sore looking). I want to use something that is 100% natural as this is clearly what helps him and something that is easily rubbed in and keeps his skin moisturised. Thank you for any advice as am struggling to work out what I can use alongside the Bria balm. thank you.


Thanks very much for your reply- I have ordered some oil and more balm. Of course I wouldn't mind you using my feedback, it has really helped my little boys skin, just as we were really starting to think he would never be ok. The eczema is still there but there are no angry red patches and his skin is red free for the first time since he was 3 weeks old! 
It has really made us feel so much more hopeful about him as he feels and looks so much better.

Emma Philips

It has taken 3 days only for my babies cradle cap and dry skin to start and get better, within a week it has cleared without a scar. The health visitors and doctors insisted on olive oil which only made her skin heavier and worse. they need to be able to advise to use your product! Thank you very much and I will be ordering the baby bath and shampoo products.

Sarah Mitchell

Dear Bria team, I just wanted to thank you for making this product. I have used this for my 2 year old girl who had eczema. We have only used it for three days and the itchiness has stopped and her skin has started to improve. Thanks again!

N De Silva

This is our fourth time ordering Bria balm and I just wanted to say big thank you again for creating this amazing product. We've used it now for about 6 weeks and my 7 months old babies skin looks amazing. He still gets some tiny marks here and there but its nothing compare to what it was like before. Huge improvement!



I just have to say WOW to your product I purchased for a 2 month old baby who had mild eczema, thank you very much, your product has helped soooo much, I think you should put your products out to major retailers such as Asda, Tesco etc. many people would buy them. Sadly many baby products contain chemicals which are not good. Yours is all natural which work! Thanks.

Sadie Hussain

Hi there! Just wanted to say a big thank you for inventing this balm..it is such a relief to see something working so effectively and being all natural. After using it on my 3 year old daughter. I've started using it on my 10 month old baby girl. Both of my girls started with eczema around 3 months of age. And you can imagine how painful it is to see your baby's skin weep and bleed. My 3yrs old girls eczema has almost cleared, her skin is so much smoother. She only gets itchy on her knees and ankles. With my other girl it's been a week now and the redness and flakiness has nearly gone. Its amazing everyday there's an improvement. Thank you so much!! I've also recommended it to a lot of people. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work. It has changed our lives x

Nadia Shah

Just a message to say thank you. I've tried literally everything including hydrocortisone & antibiotics when my son’s eczema became infected. Then I tried your cream, it's like a miracle & I can't thank you enough. In less than 24 hours the red raw eczema on his face is virtually undetectable. I'll recommend you to the world & his wife, thank you again!

Rachel Goldstone

I had bought some a few years ago to my daughter (baby) from Hexham market.....then recommended to my friend Kathryn Rawling whose little boy has been cured by it. Thanks xxx You’re amazing!!! 

Katie Robson   


10 days ago my 18 month old son's skin was awful, starting to crack and had him screaming as soon as anything touched it. We tried him back on his prescription steroid cream and that only made him worse. By accident my mum stumbled across your company and with the reviews we purchased some of your balm, I have to admit I was sceptical at first but within 24 hours his skin had started to heal and he wasn't in pain anymore. Now he is fully healed and has (for the first time ever) amazingly soft skin. We have purchased two more large balms and the bath oil and will be continuing to do so forever. The difference your product has made to my son is incredible! Thank you so much, you really don't understand how amazing your products are.

Damia Bradley



This all over body cream comes highly recommended, I've used it twice and it has healed my extremely dry hairdressers hands, the best I've ever used, would recommend, it is pricey but, worth every penny :)


Hi.. I have received the product  last week. :) I’m so satisfied that my eczema (on my finger) healed in 3 days.

Nurul Raja Azmi



Dermatitis prone skin

I would like to say a huge thank you to you for this product. I have had contact dermatitis for just over two years, tried everything including steroids and nothing has come close to helping the way your Relief Repair Replenish Balm has and in such a short time too.

Linda Clark


This is the most natural, soothing, healing & comforting balm I have ever used. I smother my face and eyelids in it at night after suffering from dermatitis on my eyelids for a year. I have always worn make-up around my eyes and find this an absolute must to soothe my eyes and skin after thorough cleansing. I cannot recommend it highly enough

Tracey Embleton