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Carolyn Leftly I love this balm. My daughter has very sensitive skin. When we're hands were red and chapped after using the school soap, the balm healed them in days. I was really amazed.

I have pretty bad dermatitis on my hands, Bria Organics cream helped so much, once applied it relives itchiness and redness. Dermatitis is almost cleared since I started using it. Highly recommend.

Irina Kotova 



This all over body cream comes highly recommended, I've used it twice and it has healed my extremely dry hairdressers hands, the best I've ever used, would recommend, it is pricey but, worth every penny :) Amie

Hi.. I have received the product  last week. :) I’m so satisfied that my eczema (on my finger) healed in 3 days. Nurul Raja Azm

Hi. I recently brought your organic balm to try on my sons hands. He suffers from very sore hands. He’s tried lots of different creams from the doctor which didn't work and in some cases made it worse. I can’t thank you enough for producing a product that that as cleared up my sons skin condition in a matter of weeks and will continue you use it on going. Once again thank you. I would highly recommend your balm to anybody with a skin condition. Neil Gibson 

At last! Check out Bria Organics. I was lucky enough to get their gardeners organic hand cream for Christmas from Gary and Michelle. And it really works. I'm always complaining about the state of my gardeners hands, now all I need to do is to remember to put it on! Beth Simpson     

I have never suffered from any skin disorder before however I must admit now that I got small rash on my fingers I sympathise totally with anyone who has it all over as how I described it was being like someone with razor blades was cutting my skin! Not pleasant.  The cream has reduced the feeling, and the redness/soreness has reduced dramatically! I consider this to be a “wonder” cream and I hope that business continues but I would say that most people visiting your stand would say “how much” so you have to remind them about how much they pay for cosmetic’s and if they went to a doctors, they would only be paying for a chemical treatment that was not as good as yours! I saw the stand, I believed in it, I bought and I now I can conclude it works! Mary

Thank you so much for sending me the Bria Balm. For the last 2 winters I have suffered with acute Eczema on my fingers.  The swelling restricted me from carrying out many everyday tasks.  I began using the Balm this January, which is superb; it has stopped my fingers from itching and swelling, taken away the sensitivity, soothed and healed them back to normal much quicker this winter. I am delighted with the result! Liz Clayton

I just wanted to send through immediate feedback on the above product.  For years I have suffered with Eczema but only on my hands!  This year for some reason it seems to have worsened.  Now, I only received your product yesterday and have been using the balm every 2 hours or so (you only need the tiniest bit) and already I’m seeing a significant difference on my hands. Where the skin was tough and flaky, it has already softened and looks less raw and the itchiness has gone! This product is a god-send! Thank you. Lesley Cartledge

Before and after using Bria Organics Relief Repair Replenish Balm 

Thank you so much you have literally saved my skin. I had had eczema my whole life and all I have ever been given steroid creams and it has never made my skin any better it has made it so much worse.Your oil based cream has stopped my hand falling apart and have really helped me thank you so much!!

...... but honestly thank you so much and it was so hard to carry out simple daily activities because it hurt to bend my hand x