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Dry, Sensitive & Problem Skin

Where other skin products have failed, your special organic balm really does work, thank you.

Jan Hulcoop

I bought the bath oil, body oil and balm to use on my terrible eczema. So far so good but I think for the money I spent I was expecting some miracle cure. The products themselves are so small but you only need a little bit. It hasn't cleared up my eczema but it doesn't burn when it goes on(which is a bonus for an eczema cream), dries pretty quickly and makes your skin feel less itchy. Overall it is a good set of products to use on your eczema(i also use it on my 2 year old son) but I think for the amount of money you're paying, the products should be a bit larger.

Megan Ames

This cream is very good it's real good for eczema I've had eczema for 2 years and this cream
does the job within days you can see the change. Thanks bria.

Imran Khan

Nothing else I've tried works as well to heal and soothe my adult eczema - I love this product and use it every day. I use it as a night moisturiser even when I don't have a flare-up. Use sparingly though, a little goes a long way.

Claire Fox

Will definitely get more of this... Helps so much with the red patches, eczema, itches etc. brilliant.

Tammi Ley

Bria Organics balm is amazing! Skin look beautiful without red, itching and dry symptoms. My son sleep better and is more happy. Thank you:) Agnieszka Kuropatwa

By far the best product I purchased for my dry skin x

Sepideh Heydari

Thank you so much for your amazing product. I have been prescribed drugs by a skin specialist at my local hospital for the last year. My face, ears, neck, arms and chest have been covered with red, dry, itchy wrinkled skin for the last two years and this has affected my confidence to the point of not wanting to even go out at times. After receiving the balm on Friday I saw and felt an almost immediate benefit and three days on the results are clearly visible and I can now sleep through the night without waking repeatedly with burning itchy skin. I cannot thank you enough - I feel like I have finally started to get my life back again.

Sally Thacker

Hi! I just wanted you to know how FANTASTIC this balm is - I've never used anything like it! I was given a pot to try for itchy legs - I was a little sceptical as nothing in the past has really worked for me - not this time - my itchy legs had cleared up in JUST ONE DAY!  Then I started using the balm for all sorts of things - dry lips and hands - and it worked for everything! I got a terrible scald - the skin was peeling off and was in a very bad state, working in a busy A&E I showed some of my colleagues my burn - they all said it would scar badly.  I decided to try putting the Bria balm onto the area - and it was honestly like a miracle!  The wound just started clearing up right there and then and I do not have any scar whatsoever.One of my daughter's teachers received a burn from the oven and I gave her my pot to try - she also couldn't believe how well the burn healed - in fact - she wouldn't part with the pot and I've had to buy a new one! I'm just packing for a holiday to India - and I'm really going to put it to the test on my daughter's skin - she suffers from sore skin as she spends most of her time on holiday in water!  Can't wait to see if it works! Don't hesitate to try this - everyone I've recommended it to has loved it!


Your balm got rid of dry skin that I'd had for 20 years in one application! I tried it on my dandruff/flaky scalp last night.


This works really well. Miracle cure!

Natalie T

Myself and my mother have found it very soothing especially on our legs. Thank you.

Anna Pepperall

Works well – soothes and aids healing.

Jo Shepherd

I would just like to say how good my boyfriend has found your eczema balm. He has tried various creams from the doctors and chemist as he suffers from strange dry patches of skin on various places of his body, hands and legs. While I was at Newcastle quayside market I bought him a small pot to try and 3 days later his skin is a lot clearer and has become a lot better. Thanks very much.

Louise Ross

Brilliant! Helps eczema loads, love it.

Hannah Kelly

Wonderful for my daughter’s skin. It’s soft and itch free despite her eczema.

S Basra

Got this for my daughter’s eczema and it was fantastic!

Claire Lightheart

This works better on my son’s eczema than what the doctor prescribes.

Sally Merrin

Keeps eczema under control and stops itching.

G McCabe

Calmed angry eczema skin – wonderful! Better than Epaderm.

Catherine Bedford

Fantastic for stopping itching caused by psoriasis too!!

Paul Scott

Organic balm – After one application could not believe the results.

Ann Winship

Amazing product! Has completely rid our son of eczema.

Helen Williams

Bought it on Thursday – nearly cleared by Saturday. Excellent!

Marilyn Williams

Bought for granddaughter. Cleared up in 3 days, Very good!

P Christer

Bought some Tuesday – by Thursday it has nearly all cleared! Excellent. Thank you.

Laura West

This is the best for eczema, psoriasis and have also used for burns and op scar, so natural and healing. I have told my GP about it! It is excellent!...This is the most amazing product, used bath oil and lip balm too, it works!

Lorraine Brimicombe

Just wanted to say how amazing your cream is, my sons eczema is totally under control now and so much happier in himself.

Emma Brown

I've just found another use for it - as a beekeeper I get a sting now and then from my stripy friends. The balm is very soothing on the stung area and helps the swelling go down more quickly. Amazing stuff!

Gwen Jenkins

This is just a wee message of appreciation for the service I received from your staff very recently. I received your Organic Balm a few days ago and what a difference it is making to my Eczema already. I have broken out in extremely painful Eczema with maddening itching during the night especially, over the past 18 months. Your product is the only one that is really managing the condition and I have tried many over that period which has been expensive including prescription medicines which only partly help but thin the skin making it even more open to infection and damage. I love the fact that your Balm is so heavy that you have to take time to work it in and the smell of the beeswax is also reassuring that I am feeding the problem areas with quality natural ingredients. Once again a big thank you to Bria Organics for your wonderful product and outstanding customer service. My very best regards to you all.

Stephen Daniels

Brilliant! I have been trying lots of organic cream but nothing really worked, after a few days of using this, the itching had pretty much stopped and the skin started healing so I’m very happy to recommend! Fast delivery too, Thanks :)

Christian Hoff

We call this the miracle cream in my house, 24 hours after the first application there was a huge improvement, E45 made it worse, Oiliatum did nothing, but the little pot of Bria has been brilliant. I am a sceptic and I didn't expect much, this was just a last resort before going to the doctor for something stronger than the over the counter creams, but I am so impressed by the improvement and will be sharing the news! Thank you.

Clare Carter Lazenbury

It is only the last 2yrs I have developed eczema on my back (I am 58yrs old) and again only in the winter months. This year I have been demented with it! I wanted to try a natural product ,as I think creams like e45 etc actually make it worse! Anyway your balm is fantastic as soon as I applied it, it stopped the incessant itching just waiting for the unsightly red patches to disappear and I will be thrilled! So thank you very much.


My son is 18! He has been suffering with flares of eczema all of his life. He has mostly been given hydro-cortisone 1% cream and ointment, and double base. It has been difficult to get him to moisturise daily as you can imagine. He had a bad flare a few weeks ago, but could not get the dr to give a prescription without seeing him, appoint could not be made till mid-September. I had seen Bria before but didn't really believe it could be that good. How wrong I was, I ordered the smaller balm just to try, as soon as it arrived I got it on him! We are both amazed, took 3-4 days and the red itchy inflamed skin is almost back to normal. We are going to cancel the dr apt now. The pot didn't last very long as it was used on legs and arms, but I have taken delivery of the larger pot and also the bath oil this week. He has been using it now for approx. 2 weeks he is clear of red patches, still a bit dry but he is going to keep up with this, it actually works! His skin in the creases of his elbow has thinned due to all the hydrocortisone, I wish I had found this when he was much younger. Thank you Bria! Would defiantly recommend this product to other eczema sufferers.

Jo Robb

Bought Bria organic balm for my daughters eczema as none of the creams off the doctor worked. It’s an absolute miracle, worth every penny. I would highly recommend to anyone with skin problems. Thank you so much.

Pamela Read

I bought this on the recommendation of a locksmith whose wife had found it on the internet for their child who suffered with eczema. I bought it for my grandson and it cleared up within a few days.  My daughter has now bought some…Such a relief for child and parent and grandparent! Thank you.

Clare Jones

I usually do not comment anywhere but because I always thank for your products, I cannot stop expressing my feeling. I can't live without this wonderful balm. Thank you for a great product!

Katsura Niwa

Absolutely magic. Just wonderful.

Brenda Stroud

Just wanted to say how amazing your cream is, my sons eczema is totally under control now and so much happier in himself.

Emma Brown

My dry, eczematous skin survived hours and hours in the pool at Center Parcs thanks to Bria Organics eczema balm!

Ann Burns

This stuff is magic! It has really made a difference, literally in days.

I bought this on the recommendation of a locksmith (long story) whose wife had found it on the internet for their child who suffered with eczema.  I bought it for my grandson& it cleared up within a few days.  My daughter has now bought some. Thank you. …….such a relief for child and parent and grandparent!

Clare Jones

Hi, I just wanted to write to say thanks for creating such a wonderful product. I have suffered with eczema for years and it always flares up in winter and when I am stressed/anxious. I have tried so many different products and the doctors always prescribe steroid cream but I hate putting chemicals on my skin. I don't believe they help in the long run. When I got your balm I was 1 week away from my works xmas party and was very self-conscious due to the eczema covering my arms. Within 3 days it was almost gone! And i felt amazing in my little black dress. And just over a week later it has completely cleared up. I will definitely be buying more Bria in the future.

Lorraine Robson

This balm is wonderful. It has cleared up my eczema where nothing else has worked. I tried everything I was advised to by doctors with no positive results. My skin didn't heal overnight, it did take a long while as my eczema was deep seated on my legs.

I never thought I would see my legs look normal again but sure enough here they are! I use the cream as a preventive measure now to keep the eczema at bay.

Jo Furminger

This stuff is magic! It has really made a difference, literally in days.

Victoria Claridge

Thank you so much for your balm. We tried everything for our son. He had cracked and bleeding skin which would be so itchy. He really suffered and we suffered as a family. It was a horrible and hard time. Since we started using the Bria Balm the skin is healing and he has found relief. The balm is perfect and has made a very big difference. The natural colour is also coming back to his skin. He is happy and is always smiling now. We can smile too, thank you. 

Mrs M Mupamba

Fantastic company & products. Bria's products (especially the new lighter Shea cream) are true skin saviours. My son's skin has been rash & itch free for 3 years thanks to Bria!

Amber Hall