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Some reviews from our international customers: 


"...For my eczema flare ups, the healing process began almost instantly after application. That tight and itching feelings were the first to go, but the next day, the redness and cracked skin were subsiding and by the second day, it was clear. I have never in my life found anything to heal my eczema in 2, YES 2 DAYS!..." 

Theresa Nuth (Lelo) Toronto, Canada

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I vintermåneder bruger vi Bria Balm til vores drengs eksem flere gang dagligt. Den holder hans hud fin og hel. Vi takker for et godt og effektivt produkt. Vi kan klart anbefale andre at prøve Bria Balm.  

Thank you for the email and for the great product, we are satisfied with your Eczema products.

We chose to order Bria product all the way from Denmark for our little boy who suffers from eczema, and we are glad that we did it.  We have been trying so many different creams here in Denmark and nothing helped . Bria balm is definitely the best for his skin, so we really hope we do not have to use hydrocortisone creams ever again.

We appreciate Bria Balm because it is a natural product.  We will continue to use it and we will recommend your product to anyone who has skin/eczema problems.

Best regards 

Edina, Aabenraa, Denmark 


My sister has used it and also her daughter and it works !!! At first the eczema became worse but then it started to heal (genezen), my sister has it very badly in her ears but it is getting better than if she does not use it. Her daughter it works perfect, if she forgets it by accident one day than it is awful so she asked 'buy it for me too'!. 

Anja de Jong, Bergambacht, Netherlands 


This balm is great and really helped us. The beginning of the Australian winter meant an eczema flare up for me and my daughter too. We found using the Bria balm in the evenings and the body oil in the morning worked really well at keeping it under control. The bath oil was amazing too, as adding only a drop meant her skin wasn't dry and itchy after a bath.  We couldn't find another product that was able to reduce the symptoms and help heal. With Bria being a natural product we were confident we weren't making a bad situation worse by adding chemicals into the equation. 

Jonny Turner, Sydney, Australia

To all my friends and friends of friend in Oz and NZ who have baby's and kids that suffer from eczema. There is an all natural product from the UK that will be coming to Australia that's just amazing . I use the lip balm and it's awesome. Facebook friend it from my friends and pass it on you will be amazed. On my visit to the UK in March I picked up a jar of the Bria lip balm it's amazing, as I live in Melbourne and the weather can be very dry and harsh I carry my jar in my car and put it on on my way to work every day. Can't live without it. what an awesome product! 

Sharon Mcguffie Gardiner, Melbourne, Australia

Working as a dive instructor on the Great Barrier Reef, my feet became very dry and cracked from the salt water, the cracks would often be very sore and split, I tried many product from the pharmacy but nothing really worked. Using bria organic hand salve was amazing. It relieved the soreness almost immediately and stopped the dryness. A great product highly recommended. Richard Goodwin, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Our hand salve can be found here

I recently discovered UK brand @briaorganics 100% organic products and not tested on animals. This beauty balm is my fave - perfect for dry lips and sensitive skin. 

Krystal Sherry, Melbourne/Perth, Australia

New Zealand

I purchased a pot of your balm about 3-4 weeks ago. Before using it, every other natural cream would sting my face, make it redder and dry it out. Your cream has been the first natural cream that my face has not only tolerated but also improved from. The eczema on my face has died down, the redness has faded and my confidence has streamed all because of your miracle cream! I can not thank you enough! Bless! Many thanks, 

Amanda Kemp, New Zealand


5* - The itching, pain and discomfort has been totally relieved by this wonderful natural alternative to prescription creams. My eczema has all but gone after only a few months. I would highly recommend Bria Organics as a first step in treating eczema.

Das Kratzen, den Schmerz und die unwohlheit ist durch dieses wundervolle Produkt praktisch gegangen. Mein Ekzem ist nur nach einigen Monate verschwunden. Ich würde dieses Produkt als Erster Schritt gegen Ekzem höchstens Empfehlen.

Pauline Millsom, Buchs SG, Switzerland 


This product has been a life saver. My 6 year old son has been suffering from head-to-toe, angry eczema for the better part of a year. The only areas not covered in eczema are his face, hands and feet. We've tried prescription steroid creams (which only made things worse every time we tried them), non-prescription creams both purchased over the counter and via the internet, removed gluten, dairy, and GMOs from his diet, saw multiple dermatologists, allergists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, etc, etc, all in an attempt to get to the bottom of it and provide this poor kid some relief from his daily struggles of literally enjoying his life again and not waking up to blood soaked bed sheets every night. My wife and I were awake and on guard all night and all day, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week just trying to protect this brave and tough little boy from temporary bouts of weakness where he would literally attack his skin that was attacking him from the inside out. Our family was in a very bad place. We literally spent thousands of dollars over the last 6 months between doctors, natural remedies, creams and anything else we could do or find. I noticed that Bria Organics was one of the only products around that claimed to help with the symptoms of eczema that actually HAD before and after photos on their website and social media feeds, so I ordered a few jars to ship to the United States (amazingly fast shipping may I add considering it is being shipped international). I applied it to him for the first time with very little optimism as so many creams before it failed to bring him any relief. When he woke up the next morning, to my amazement, the majority of his eczema patches already had lightened in color and did not look as "angry." We continued applying it multiple times per day over the next week and the improvement was dramatic! As his skin improved his mood improved. As his skin improved his sleep improved. We've been using these products for over a month now and after nearly one full year of consistently worsening symptoms, my son is finally finding some relief. While we are by no means "out of the woods yet," we are in a significantly better place than we were and we owe it all to Bria Organics. I literally could not thank you enough. Thank you! 

Jude O'Connor, New Jersey, USA

Chinese Medicine

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I have found Bria Organic Balm to be an excellent topical application for the treatment of dry, inflammatory skin conditions, particularly eczema, and particularly amongst children. Its virtues as I understand them are as follows:

It is moisturising without suffocating the skin. This is therapeutically important because not all dry skin conditions are due to actual dryness. According to Chinese medicine the reasons why skin can become dry, itchy and inflamed vary greatly. For example eczema in young children is frequently due to fluids becoming blocked under the skin (‘dampness’ in Chinese medicine terminology); this prevents the blood from properly nourishing the skin, and thus causes the heat, itching, dryness and redness that characterises eczema. Bria Organic Balm can be applied to this type of skin problem to keep the skin supple and prevent further dryness, without preventing the skin from breathing (thus keeping the heat and redness in and the fluids stuck). 

It provides an alternative to the mineral oil products that currently make up the bulk of current conventional topical medical treatments. These paraffin-based products are ubiquitous, and come in many forms. And whilst they can certainly be less allergenic than some of the ‘natural’ products on the market, in many people they seem to actually aggravate dryness. A patient I recently treated had extremely painful, dry, cracked fingers, and only needed to withdraw from the mineral oil products and steroid creams he had been using for the previous few years – in conjunction with Bria Organic Balm application - and his hands began to heal up.

It helps to prevent infection. In many cases of eczema, the continuous cracking of the skin easily causes opportunistic infection by the bacteria that tend to colonise the skin of certain people. The chickweed in Bria Organic Balm seems to help prevent such opportunistic infections.

It reduces inflammation. If Bria Organic Balm is used in conjunction with therapy that addresses the root cause of the condition (often internal, which is why many skin conditions will not resolve with topical application alone), it can be used as an alternative to topical steroid creams. Obviously with severe skin conditions it is unwise to immediately withdraw from steroid creams without proper supervision, and such conditions usually need appropriate internal treatment from a skilled practitioner).

In my opinion Bria Organic Balm is one of the best topical applications on the market, and I thoroughly recommend it for people with dry, inflammatory skin conditions.

By Daniel Maxwell M.A. (Cantab), M.Sc., Lic.Ac., MBAcC, MRCHM

Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

London Acupuncture Clinic, 126 Harley Street, London W1G 7JS

Editor of The Journal of Chinese Medicine